Cooking Classes and Tasting Lunches at Les Deux Chevres

Food at Les Deux Chevres is about market fresh organic ingredients. Vegetables that are in the ground one day, and on the producer stalls the next. Our products change with the seasons, from the market’s best suppliers


Buffet Breakfast; tasting lunches; gastronomic picnics; dinner; and cooking classes

COOKING CLASSES till 30.07.19

185e per person to include all wines and a Tasting Lunch

(tasting lunch only 95e)


A brief introduction to Kevin’s style of cooking

11.30 to 12.30

Content will vary, depending on market ingredient availability, but will be something to take away as a memory of Burgundy, and replicate without too much difficulty at home. Accompanied by some nice white burgundy, bien sur!

12.30 to …..

A tasting lunch on the terrace, sampling the mornings work, and four or five other tasting dishes from our menu. This part will be supervised by our sommelier Bastien, who will serve a different wine to accompany each course.